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Hawkins Chevrolet Does Double Duty as Art Gallery

DANVILLE, Pennsylvania Hawkins Chevrolet has opened its doors to the free Spring Thaw Art Show for 38 years but this year's April 23-25 event marks the first time the show will be held inside the dealer's new 23,000-square-foot showroom on Montour Boulevard.

It opened in February.

"There is more room. The lighting is better. There is more parking," said Josh Hawkins, general manager at Hawkins Chevrolet.

There is also more room on the outside to strategically place Chevrolets, so guests may take in the dealership's "metal art," as they meander in, Hawkins told Edmunds.

"We know from having conversations with show-goers and the exhibitors that they really like the Volt," he said. "They started those conversations, too."

Hawkins expects to have several cars, most likely the Chevrolet Volt, Equinox and Cruze, specially priced for the art show.

"We do sell cars because of this event," Hawkins said.

It's not just the show-goers either. One of the art exhibitors ordered a 2015 Colorado that should arrive next week.

Hawkins bought a digital photo of a '57 Chevy from that same customer a few years back that hangs on his office wall.

"This is a good event because it brings people here who might never have visited before, especially with this new showroom," he said.

Edmunds says: The art of making a deal is driven by, well, art, at Hawkins Chevrolet.

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