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GMC Boss Vows To Change the Face of the Brand

SAN DIEGO GMC is taking the first steps to strengthen the brand as part of an effort to boost sales, a strategy that could lead to the addition of a Jeep Wrangler-inspired SUV and a luxury SUV flagship positioned above the GMC Yukon Denali SUV.

Buick-GMC Vice President Duncan Aldred told Edmunds: "I have come here to do a job and change the face of the brand."

Aldred was named to the post earlier this year and is responsible for sales, marketing and service.

During an interview with Edmunds, Aldred said he has high ambitions for the GMC brand.

"We are looking at everything," Aldred said. "What segments will grow? What segments will not? We are evaluating all possibilities that could really turbocharge the brand and the growth."

He said GMC currently is in the brainstorming stage and there are no plans to add additional models to the GMC line. However, he said "There is room throughout the range if you really start segmenting it. There is plenty of room everywhere in the hierarchy."

He added: "You could consider a real flagship over Yukon."

A possible price point was not suggested.

A subcompact crossover that is about the size of the Buick Encore is another possibility, as well as an "active all-road, Wrangler-esque type of vehicle," Aldred said. "There are definitely more big segments we could play in if we want to."

The GMC brand currently offers the GMC Canyon and Sierra pickup trucks, Terrain and Acadia crossovers, Yukon SUV and Savana van.

Edmunds says: An expanded model lineup may be in the future for car shoppers considering the GMC brand.

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