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Gaudin Porsche Forms Alliance to Allow Racetrack Test Drives

LAS VEGASGaudin Porsche formed a partnership with SpeedVegas that allows car shoppers to test-drive its sports cars, including the 2017 Macan, on a Formula 1 -inspired racetrack.

The 1.5-mile track has 12 sweeping turns, a 15-degree banked turn, 60 feet of total elevation change and a half-mile straightaway.

"Porsche's philosophy is all about consumer and brand experience," Jim Mooradian, Gaudin's general manager, told Edmunds.

After customers take a couple of laps, they understand the car's capabilities better, he said, and any indecision they had often vanishes.

"When we heard about this track opening four miles down the street from us, we thought we'd jump on it early," Mooradian said.

The partnership allows the drop-in test drives, invite-only events such as model introductions and customer-appreciation outings.

An onsite museum ties in with Gaudin Porsche's classification as a Porsche Classic Partner, giving vintage Porsche model owners a place to go for restorations and repairs.

"This partnership signifies the beginning of an unprecedented customer experience that will entice car enthusiasts from around the world," he said.

Edmunds says: Finding unique partnerships creates an opportunity to show a Porsche in its best light, a dealership learns.

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