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Ford Done With Mustang Boss 302

Just the Facts:
  • Ford Motor Co. built the last Mustang Boss 302 earlier this year.
  • The company will unveil an all-new 2015 Mustang next year, in celebration of the Mustang's 50th anniversary.
  • It's Ford's secret, for now, whether the next-generation Mustang will carry on the Boss 302 tradition.

DEARBORN, Michigan — Nobody disputes the 2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302 is a rollicking example of contemporary muscle car-ness at its best. Get one while you can, though, because the Boss 302 as we know it is finished.

Ford quickly reached a self-imposed 4,000-unit production limit of 2013 Boss 302s earlier this year, marking the end of the Boss 302's run in the current-generation Mustang body style. Ford also made 4,000 Boss 302s for the 2012 model year; of each year's total production run of Boss 302s, 750 were equipped with the track-specific Laguna Seca package.

Next year, Ford is introducing an all-new, sixth-generation Mustang for the 2015 model year, which marks the Mustang nameplate's 50th anniversary. It's not known if Ford has plans to carry the Boss 302 legacy into the new-age 2015 Mustang, as Ford has kept close to its vest regarding details about the car, which reputedly will abandon the current Mustang's retro-dominated design in favor of more contemporary (and presumably more globally applicable) styling.

Since its introduction in 2012, the Boss 302's rev-happy 444-horsepower 5.0-liter V8 and manageable size have made it a popular and desirable package for the Mustang. The original Boss 302 was manufactured in 1969-'70 to aid hopped-up Mustangs to better compete in Trans-Am racing.

It's not known exactly how many new Boss 302s remain on dealer lots, but a search at shows numerous dealers nationwide listing untitled 2013 models in their inventory.

Ford earlier this year also commemorated the millionth Mustang to be built at its current assembly site in Flat Rock, Michigan, and the company has made more than 8.5 million Mustangs since the start of production in 1964.

Edmunds says: With an intoxicating quad-cam 5.0-liter V8 and limited-edition numbers, the Boss 302 could never be judged a bad investment.

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