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Ford and Lincoln Dealers Get Even Smarter When It Comes to Customer Service

DEARBORN, Michigan Ford and Lincoln dealers are poised to get even more technology to improve the customer service experience, thanks to programs set to debut in March.

Last year, 800 Ford and Lincoln dealers in 49 states rolled out "Smartt (Smart Technology) Appointments." This online-based tool allows customers to schedule service appointments with Ford and Lincoln service centers with ease.

"In its first year, online appointment volumes tripled," Ford said.

Now, Smartt is launching two additional phases that use mobile technology to improve customer greeting, write-up and vehicle servicing processes. Service personnel will soon have the ability to greet customers and start or complete the write-up process right from the vehicle.

Ford said this is aimed at "breaking down barriers while building trust and strengthening the dealer-customer relationship."

Service personnel will get tablets for use in dealership service lanes. Then, technicians and parts department personnel will be able to access the tablet-entered information to obtain vehicle service history and more efficiently fulfill service orders.

"The evolution of the Smartt program represents a glimpse at the Ford and Lincoln service experience of the future," said Joe Hinrichs, Ford president of The Americas, in a statement.

Edmunds says: Ford and Lincoln dealers are making a making a big difference in customers' lives when it comes to vehicle service.

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