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Feds Probe 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee for Inappropriate Automatic Braking

WASHINGTON — The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is investigating an estimated 20,000 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs following consumer complaints of inappropriate automatic braking.

Federal safety regulators have received nine reports of alleged unexpected braking incidents.

"Consumers allege incidents of random proximity collision alerts, followed by inappropriate automatic braking with no pending threats in the line of travel, resulting in unexpected sudden drop in vehicle speed in traffic," said NHTSA in its problem description.

The complaints allege experiencing multiple events at different locations and road conditions.

There are no reported crashes, injuries or fatalities linked to the investigation.

Fiat-Chrysler spokesman Eric Mayne told Edmunds on Friday that the automaker is fully cooperating with the probe.

NHTSA has opened a preliminary evaluation to assess the frequency, scope and consequences of the alleged defect. The action sometimes precedes a vehicle recall.

Edmunds says: These SUVs have not been recalled at this point. If you own a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee and have an immediate concern, it's best to contact your Jeep dealer.

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