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Edmunds.com Lot Buddy Helps Car Buyers Get the Best Price While at the Dealer

Just the Facts:
  • The new Edmunds.com Lot Buddy helps ensure that car shoppers get the best price while at a dealership.
  • Part of the Edmunds mobile app, the location-aware Lot Buddy instantly unlocks Price Promise no-haggle offers without requiring the user's personal information.
  • Shoppers at a car lot want to know if they're getting a good deal and, said Edmunds.com President Seth Berkowitz, "we are offering the easiest path to an answer."

SANTA MONICA, California — Edmunds.com has launched Lot BuddySM, a new feature on the Edmunds mobile app that helps consumers instantly unlock Price PromiseŽ no-haggle offers while shopping on a car dealer's lot.

"Mobile is increasingly the tool of choice for car shoppers. At present, mobile makes up 36 percent of all Edmunds.com traffic," said Edmunds.com President Seth Berkowitz. "We are paying close attention to shoppers, and we've found that the task done most often on the dealer lot is looking up pricing and using calculators in order to answer the question, 'Is this a good deal?' We are offering the easiest path to an answer."

Edmunds notes that 15 percent of mobile shoppers access the company's shopping tips, reviews and calculators while on the dealer's lot. In fact, the site — which shows users actual vehicles for sale nearby, allows shoppers to compare upfront prices, and includes videos, photos and finance and lease calculators — saw a 39 percent increase in mobile usage from 2013 to 2014.

In a study conducted by Edmunds.com, 100 percent of shoppers with access to a smartphone said they use a mobile device at some point in the purchase process, yet 63 percent of car shoppers say that mobile tools to assist at the dealership are lacking.

Lot Buddy was designed to address that need by adding an indispensable feature to the car-shopper's toolbox.

The new location-aware Lot Buddy is the first car-shopping feature to offer locked-in pricing without requiring a buyer's personal information. In real time, on the dealers' lot, it provides unparalleled access to the kind of information buyers need to help ensure that they're getting the best possible price on their new vehicle.

Loaded with the latest features and functionality, in addition to the new Lot Buddy, the Edmunds.com mobile app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android systems. Try it for yourself at iTunes.

Edmunds says: The new Lot Buddy feature on the Edmunds.com mobile app will help provide the kind of information car-shoppers really need while they're at a dealership.

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