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Chevy, Ford Offer Sales and Incentives To Lure Shoppers Into Showrooms

Just the Facts:
  • Chevrolet and Ford are offering discounts, special sales and incentives to lure shoppers into showrooms this March, one of the auto industry's pivotal months.
  • The high-end truck segment and midsize sedans are offering the largest discounts.
  • The Chevy Open House Event is offering lower prices on cars.

DETROIT — Chevrolet and Ford are offering special sales and incentives to get shoppers into showrooms, adding new meaning to the term March Madness.

"March is always a good month for car sales and this year we have five weekends in March, which should bode well for the industry," Erich Merkle, Ford's U.S. sales analyst told Edmunds.

Merkle said Ford's and the industry's incentives in general are similar to last year's incentives with a couple of exceptions — the high end of the truck segment and the midsize sedan segment.

"The high end of the segment is approaching $5,000 in incentives," he said.

On, consumers are being offered up to $4,000 cash back on a 2014 Ford F-150 and up to $4,500 cash back on the 2014 Ford Taurus.

Chevrolet is firing back with two separate sales, the Chevy Open House Event, which welcomes customers back to showcase all of the renovations and dealership upgrades made nationwide over the past few years, and a "truck month" sale.

The Open House event promises supplier prices on cars, which are lower than the MSRP rates and may be combined with cash incentives. A 2014 Chevrolet Cruze LT priced at $20,735 becomes $18,839 at Open House and the 2014 Chevrolet Malibu LT becomes $21,733, including $1,750 in customer cash, from the $24,435 MSRP price tag.

Chevy truck incentives are larger. The 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew Cab All Star Edition, according to the promotion Web site, knocks off $3,500 in cash allowance and $4,041 for the truck month sale, adding up to $7,541 in discounts.

Sales and special incentives will help build upon the momentum General Motors saw beginning in the second week of February, Jim Cain, GM's manager of financial communications, told Edmunds.

"We wanted to send a very compelling, very simple message we could share with customers in the month," Cain said. "We're backing it up with a pretty significant advertising commitment during the NCAA tournament and the Final Four, so we really think we have a strategy that will cut through all the clutter and continue the momentum we started in the month of February."

Edmunds says: Ford and GM dealers are sweetening deals for car shoppers, giving them more reason to brave the winter weather and head to showrooms.

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