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Bryan Subaru Takes Dog-Friendly to the Next Level

METAIRIE, Louisiana — Every few days, Bryan Subaru gets a four-legged visitor to its showroom or service department. And they seem right at home among the Subaru Foresters, Outbacks and Imprezas.

The dealership has become a magnet for dogs since Subaru adopted the "Dog Tested. Dog Approved," marketing campaign in early 2011.

"Subaru owners seem to be pet lovers and they treat their pets like family members," said Jennifer Belisle, Bryan Subaru's Internet sales and business manager. "Rather than leave them home — because you wouldn't leave a child home — they bring their dogs to the dealership."

And Belisle is ready to please the pup and its human.

A dog-tag engraver machine is parked just outside her office. Often, people who come in for their car's maintenance tend to make it over to the machine to update their pooch's collar, she told Edmunds.

"Once they use it, they tell their friends it's here," Belisle said.

A jar of dog treats rests on her desk next to the customers' mint jar.

She also gives the pet owner a bandana with the Bryan Subaru logo and a poop-bag dispenser that clips onto a dog leash.

Going above and beyond the call of duty, Belisle is also ready to dog-sit if the dealership visitor wants to take a test-drive or make a purchase. Often, shopper and pet stay for several hours.

It turns out that Subaru made a dog lover out of Belisle.

"When I started here, I was more of a cat person because that is what I grew up with, and because of being around them at work, I adopted a dog," she said.

Her dog, Hermes, can often be seen watching over showroom activities.

Edmunds says: A dog-tag engraving machine and the right attitude toward our canine friends is a winning formula for this dealership.

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