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Best Chevrolet Warms Service Customers' Hearts With Freebies

HINGHAM, Massachusetts Best Chevrolet prides itself in doing its best at making its service customers feel good when they bring in their Chevrolet Malibus, Silverados and Volts.

It's earned a reputation for bestowing gifts daily to guests. With 2,500 visits monthly, that is no small task.

Service Manager Chrissy Harriman plays a big part in that. She helps to stock the ample supply closets with everything from baseball caps emblazoned with the dealership logo to hand sanitizer and recycling bags, she told Edmunds.

"It's a small way to show our appreciation and we like to give them something useful," Harriman said.

It helps when the department's motto is, " Just be nice and make people happy. "

Giveaway favorites have been winter hats, which come in several colors, and golf tees.

"A few times we have customers who have had family members who are serving overseas and they sent them Best Chevy golf tees. I thought it was pretty neat, our items traveling," she said.

The giving spirit is infectious, she said.

A valet at the dealership has taken it upon himself to dole out lollipops, candy canes and the like on special occasions to customers as they are heading out.

"It is just a little gesture that puts a smile on someone's face," Harriman said.

As the historic blizzard was bearing down on the East Coast on Monday, Best Chevrolet posted a message to customers on its Facebook page that illustrated its warm-hearted approach to things.

"We're wishing safe travels to all!" it said.

Edmunds says: Gifts go a long way to making guests feel appreciated and valued, one dealership has learned.

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