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2016 Tesla Model X Hits the Mall

PALO ALTO, California — The 2016 Tesla Model X electric SUV will be showcased in a new Tesla Gallery at Nordstrom The Grove in Los Angeles starting on Saturday.

The gallery is located in the men's department and is "a new take on Tesla's existing retail experience, but at a smaller scale," the automaker said in a statement.

"I can confirm that the gallery will remain open through the end of the year," wrote Keely Sulprizio, a Tesla spokeswoman in response to a query from Edmunds. "In addition, we are working on obtaining a sales license for this location, which will allow us to not only demonstrate the vehicle, but to actually sell them as well."

Tesla said the gallery "will invite Nordstrom customers to learn about Tesla's all-electric SUV in an engaging and low-pressure environment, complete with enticing visuals, interactive displays and knowledgeable product specialists."

Key competitors to the Model X include the BMW X6, Land Rover Range Rover Sport and Porsche Cayenne.

Edmunds says: Tesla continues to rewrite the retail playbook, this time bringing the Model X to high-end buyers right where they shop.

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