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Santee Automotive Hits High Note With Up-And-Coming Singer

MANNING, South Carolina Santee Automotive is helping add harmony to rising singer Kimberly Henderson's vocals by providing her with a 2015 Ford Explorer Limited.

Henderson's YouTube video of her singing to her daughter in the middle of the night caught the attention of the nation, even airing on Good Morning America. It has led to her recording a single for iTunes, a commercial, photo sessions and meetings with industry executives in Los Angeles, Nashville. This week, she travels to New York.

Henderson had visited the dealership in December to look at cars with salesman Josh Peters, who was a friend from a previous restaurant job. The single mom of four's transportation was unreliable and plagued with battery trouble.

Before she got around to buying another car, her career took off, Peters told Edmunds.

"She needed something reliable to get to her music appointments, so I went and talked to our owner Dennis Craven about it," he said. "We love her story and we wanted to help her and support her because it might be her big break."

Craven, whose son works with Henderson in a medical office, told Edmunds that Henderson may use the Explorer for as long as she needs it.

"People ask me, 'What am I getting out of it?' I'm not getting anything," Craven said. "She needed help and I wanted to help her."

He's turned down offers to promote the dealership through her or the Explorer.

Craven did receive an invitation to her single release party in mid-January, which he attended, and presented her the car.

"It was really neat. She knew who I was and came over and hugged me and thanked me," he said. "When you have a business in our community, you're more than just a 'car guy.' You're a part of this community and I'm glad I could help someone in need."

Edmunds says: This caring gesture makes Santee Automotive a real rock star in the industry.

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