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Edmunds Debuts New Site, New Logo and Partners With You to Find Your Perfect Car

We here at Edmunds have been working hard over the past year to redefine the online car research and shopping experience, making it faster and easier for you. And as a result, you'll now find changes to our website that will make finding your perfect car almost as much fun as driving home in it.

A year ago, we began looking at our brand, our site and our direction as a car-shopping and information platform. The resulting changes can be found in every quarter of Edmunds. In July, we moved into a new office that reflects our site's bright, clean and exciting presentation as well as our belief in creativity and innovation. We're unveiling our new logo, which embodies who we are and have been for 50 years: a friendly, trusted source you can turn to for comprehensive car-shopping expertise. We've also changed our name slightly, dropping the ".com." Now we will simply be known as Edmunds. It's a reflection of the fact that we can be found in a variety of technology platforms, from messaging services to social media sites such as Facebook.


"The world of automotive retail is evolving rapidly, and Edmunds is evolving right along with it," said our CEO, Avi Steinlauf. "The changes we're making to our site and brand demonstrate our commitment to significantly improving the car-shopping experience for consumers and our dealer partners.

"2017 will be a landmark year for Edmunds," he said. "This is only the beginning."

Here are some of the just-made changes that reflect our ambitious plans for 2017:

We've designed our new website from a "mobile-first" perspective, meaning you'll have a seamless experience as you navigate between mobile devices and your desktop computer. Based on extensive feedback from shoppers, our designers simplified the site's overall look and feel to emphasize strong visuals and eliminate clutter. The result is an Edmunds that's engaging, attractive and easy to use.

This video captures the essence of what's new at Edmunds:

If you're a longtime Edmunds user, you'll continue to find all the things you love about us: forthright car reviews and car-shopping articles, exclusive pricing offers, tons of photos, helpful videos and real-time advice when you need it. Our new site makes it easier for us to bring all those resources to you at every stage of your shopping journey. In addition to a cleaner, more inviting presentation, you'll find important enhancements to our editorial and research content:

Our Car Reviews: These have long been what makes Edmunds great: unbiased, comprehensive and accessible editor insights on cars and how they'll perform for you. The reviews are now better organized and easier to read, especially on mobile. They bring you even more information, thanks to integration with our ratings. We also have revised the ratings evaluation process to deliver more detail on every make and model. And to make your own comparisons easier, we've replaced our A-through-F scale with a 5-point scale, expressed in stars.

Car News: We've combined our What's Hot and What's New pages to bring you the latest updates on the car industry and car-shopping trends. We're going to focus our efforts on the stories that we think will be most useful, interesting and important to you, and if you're not seeing the kind of news you want, let us know in the forums. You can always follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more frequent news, industry insights, behind-the-scenes coverage and more.

Long-Term Road Tests: Our Long-Term Road Tests have long been favorites for car fans. We are changing them to a format that we think will make them even more useful, letting editors write quick notes from the road or longer, more detailed posts when the subject warrants it. In the meantime, you can see our current updates as well as follow our new Long-Term Fleet on Instagram.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the changes we've made and also hear any ideas you have for the future. Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or in our forums.

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