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Brad Benson Hyundai Hosts Xbox One Giveaway

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, New Jersey Brad Benson Hyundai, which touts itself as the No. 1 Hyundai dealership in the country, is seeking champions in its new Number1Because marketing campaign.

Benson, a former pro football player who helped to win Super Bowl XXI as a lineman for the New York Giants, wants to award a fellow champ an Xbox One gaming system if the person shows him via video posted on the Number1Because Web site just how the entrant is "No. 1."

The video may chronicle a unique talent, show expertise in a field or creatively demonstrate how the subject is No. 1.

Early entries included a boy completing push-ups while being cheered on by his siblings, a wig-raising cancer survivor and a competitive dancer.

Benson and his executive team will choose the winner each month, said Larry Bailin, CEO of Single Throw Marketing, which developed the campaign for Brad Benson Hyundai. He also is one of the judges.

The video that triggers the most engagement — including views, likes and comments — on the Brad Benson YouTube Channel, and declared the judges' favorite will win an Xbox One.

"We're excited about the early entries because they have an emotional component to them," Bailin told Edmunds. "Some of them make you smile, others touch your heart."

Bailin said the contest has already generated foot traffic in the dealership, with people stopping in among the Elantras and Sonatas to inquire about it.

Besides the Number1Because Web site and banner ads, the campaign includes traditional billboards and radio advertising.

The idea of the campaign is to create a community conversation that shows car shoppers exactly why Brad Benson Hyundai is No. 1 — including having the largest inventory in New Jersey and competitive pricing — and why its customers are No. 1, Bailin said.

"It's been important for the car-buying populace that someone is actually listening and actually cares why they are No. 1 and they, in turn, want to know why we're No. 1, so we get this social engagement, social camaraderie, if you will, and that's a message they haven't heard before," Bailin said.

Edmunds says: A great way for a dealership to engage with the community and one that apparently has struck a chord with the buying public.

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