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Bill Gatton Honda Holds Monthly Celebration of Gratitude for Customers

BRISTOL, TennesseeBill Gatton Honda has developed a one-time promotion into a monthly celebration of gratitude for customers.

The second weekend of every month, the dealership hosts a customer-appreciation event and offers a gift or two with a car purchase or maintenance visit.

The thank-you gift for car buyers during the weekend of July 9-11 is a free T-shirt sporting a retro logo and the original 1973 Civic, as well as a two-year maintenance package. Service customers during those dates will receive a complimentary car wash as well as the T-shirt.

Previous month giveaways have included tumblers, sunglasses, beverage koozies and the like.

"We appreciate every customer's business and a gift helps show that," Damara Colley, customer relations manager, told Edmunds.

The dealership started the promotion in February but it was strictly a women's appreciation event.

"We had a new jingle and we wanted women to know that we recognize their importance in the car-buying experience," Colley said.

Because it went over so well, the dealership expended the promotion to include everyone and decided to do it on a monthly basis indefinitely.

"It's really helped us on the retention end," Colley said.

Edmunds says: A little gratitude goes a long way when it comes to retaining customers.

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