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Edmunds Forecasts Solid January Car Sales

Carmakers will sell 1,153,459 new cars and truck this month, according to Edmunds' January sales forecast, which was released today. This reflects a 31.5 percent decrease in sales from December 2016 and a 0.7 percent decrease from January 2016. Edmunds estimates that 3.1 million used cars will be sold this month. 

The drop in new-car sales from December was not unexpected. What's news is the sales picture for January, which could have been a dismal one.

"January had the potential of being a very slow month at dealerships, given the fact that auto sales shattered records in December," said Jessica Caldwell, Edmunds' executive director of industry analysis. "But January is shaping up to be a surprisingly healthy month. The economy continues to show signs of strength and consumers are feeling confident, boosting auto sales above initial expectations."

Among car manufacturers, Edmunds forecasts the largest year-over-year sales volume increases for VW/Audi and Honda. VW/Audi will realize a 23.5 percent increase in sales volume (from 31,929 vehicles in January 2016 to 39,420 vehicles in January 2017). Honda will see a 6.6 percent increase (from 100,497 vehicles in January 2016 to 107,099 in January 2017). The steepest drop in sales volume is 15.3 percent for Fiat Chrysler (from 171,352 in January 2016 to 145,172 in January 2017), according to Edmunds' forecast.

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