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Five Questions To Ask Before Signing Video

Before you agree to buy that new car, take a few minutes to ensure there are no land mines that will blow up the deal when you're in the middle of signing the contract. In this video, we suggest asking these questions before signing on the line.

  1. What are the fees I'll be charged or what's my out-the-door price?
  2. What is the documentation fee? Some states regulate it, some don't and it can get expensive.
  3. Are there any aftermarket dealer add-ons that are high-profit items for the dealer?
  4. How many miles are on the vehicle? If there are more than 300 miles, you need to renegotiate the price down.
  5. If everything looks good, can you deliver the car to my house? This applies to Internet shoppers.
  6. Is the car on your lot?

Actually, that's six questions. Either way, make sure to read the full Edmunds article "5 Questions To Ask Before Signing."

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