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Volvo of Dallas Hosts Monthly Themed Casino Parties to Encourage Showroom Visits

PLANO, Texas — Each third Thursday of every month, Volvo of Dallas gambles on growing its business.

The dealership hosts a free themed casino night for families from 6-9 p.m., treating about 300 people to live music, dancing, casino games, food, refreshments and generous raffle prizes, including iPads, flat screen TVs, concert tickets and a chance to win a new Volvo.

"Every one that came to one of the Third Thursdays throughout the year is entered to win a Volvo lease we give away at our December gathering," said Brandon Brogdon of Bedford Advertising, who plans each party for the dealership.

Casino chips may be turned in for raffle tickets to win the various giveaways.

Each month has a different theme. October's was Halloween night, complete with a $500 top prize to the winning costume. Volvo of Dallas has also had a Western night, a luau, a black-and-white night, a beach party and more.

"They started doing Third Thursday because Volvo had such a small share of the market and it felt traditional media advertising didn't do them any good," Brogdon told Edmunds.  

"We wanted our surrounding community and people who might not ever set foot inside our dealership to get to know us on a personal level and to form a bond and a trust with us that otherwise might not ever exist,"  General Manager Pedro Palenzuela told Edmunds.

While guests may check out some of the Volvo lineup at the party, they'll never receive a sales pitch, Brogdon said.

"It's all about a fun night," he said.

Still, it has helped the bottom line.

"We've made lots of friends and quite of few of them who were not Volvo customers or even considering our brand have bought cars from us," Palenzuela said. "It has really changed the way some people view their relationship with dealerships. We let them know we are people just like them."

Edmunds says: Throwing a monthly party is a festive way to drive dealership traffic.

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