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Roger Dean Chevrolet's Pet Cat Keeps Sales Purring

CAPE CORAL, Florida Chevrolet Corvette Convertibles are like catnip at Roger Dean Chevrolet.

They are the favored spot for dealership pet Miss Kitty, a Tortie cat who resembles a long-haired Calico, to nap.

The abandoned feline followed an employee into the showroom more than four years ago and has never left.

Now she's one of the staff's most treasured employees, as she helps customers relax, speeding up the process of feeling comfortable at Roger Dean.

"Customers immediately start petting her and asking questions about her," Office Manager Mary Henderson told Edmunds. "Yes, it does help their stress level."

Miss Kitty also acts as a magnet, drawing in potential shoppers who have heard about the cat and want to meet her.

"I have GM reps that visit and they immediately go to Miss Kitty first," Henderson said.

For those who have cat allergies, Miss Kitty gets tucked away in the main office, where she has her food, a bed and a box.

She was declawed to prevent her from damaging the soft tops and the seats of her beloved Corvettes, Henderson said.

"She's so friendly and beautiful," and has good taste in cars, Henderson added.

Edmunds says: Roger Dean Chevrolet really is the cat's meow.

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