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Paul Obaugh Ford Goes Green With Mustang Raffle and Basketball Contest

STAUNTON, Virginia Paul Obaugh Ford Lincoln was thinking green even before St. Patrick's Day with a contest that dangled a 2016 Ford Mustang as the grand prize.

The dealership hosted its 4 Hoops 4 Cash challenge to raise money for Robert E. Lee High School's Green Room project, which creates a television studio where students can film and edit stories.

Not only did the dealership offer to raffle a Mustang during halftime of the high school basketball game, it also donated $1,000 to the Green Room and awarded a prize for each shot a lucky contestant made.

A layup was worth a pair of Beats headphones, a free throw came with a $100 gas card, a three-pointer was good for $1,000 and a half-court shot secured the Mustang, General Manager Greg Obaugh told Edmunds.

"The young man [the contestant], who was a student at the school, made the first two shots but we didn't get to give him the Mustang, unfortunately," Obaugh said.

The winner had to make all four shots to get the pony car.

Obaugh, who attended Robert E. Lee, said the publicity helped to burnish the dealership's reputation as a community supporter.

"If it helps one kid or inspires a few more, then we know we did something good," Obaugh said.

Edmunds says: The sharing of the green makes for a colorful community outreach project.

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