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Lincoln Builds Black Label Brand With Sleepovers

NEW YORK Lincoln wants car shoppers to feel right at home with its new Black Label brand.

As part of that effort, the automaker redecorated four homes in New York, California, Florida, and next month, Texas, to mimic the luxury and personal service known as Black Label that is newly available on the 2015 Lincoln MKZ sedan and the 2015 Lincoln MKC SUV.

Besides premium materials such as Venetian leather, Alcantara and upscale woods in four designer themes, Black Label car buyers receive remote vehicle-service calls, off-site concierge visits, unlimited car washes and a free meal at a high-end restaurant belonging to the Black Label Culinary Collection network that Lincoln put together.

Black Label at Home is designed to capture the entire program, with particular attention given to the colors and materials that make up the Black Label portfolio.

Invited guests, many of whom are new to Lincoln, are hand-selected to stay up to two nights at a home that's decorated to bring Black Label to life for the car buyer.

House guests also use the MKZ or MKC during their stay. They may dine for free at a Black Label Culinary Collection restaurant, perhaps enjoy a spa visit and have access to a concierge, reiterating Lincoln's dedication to customer service.

The homes are an unusual way to help customers understand the Black Label program, John Emmert, Lincoln group marketing manager, told Edmunds.

"When you're building a luxury brand and building momentum around a luxury brand, a lot of it has to do with word of mouth, which we amplify with social media," Emmert said. "We market this to people who are intending to buy a new luxury vehicle."

Currently, 32 Lincoln dealers in six states — New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Texas, Florida and California — offer the Black Label brand, but it will be rolled out nationally by the end of the year, adding about 100 more to the fold, Emmert said.

Participating dealerships include Hines Park Lincoln in Plymouth, Michigan.

"Dealers are already asking us when they can get more Black Label vehicles into their inventory," Emmert said.

The Black Label vehicles are priced at about $5,300 above standard Lincoln models. The vehicles come in four designer themes: Indulgence, Oasis, Modern Heritage and Center Stage.

Edmunds says: Lincoln thinks outside of the box with four homes to illustrate the luxury and personal service of its Black Label program.

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