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John L. Sullivan Chevrolet Donates 7,500 Bottles of Gatorade To Help Firefighters

Just the Facts:
  • John L. Sullivan Chevrolet in California donated 7,500 bottles of Gatorade to firefighters battling a recent Sierra Nevada wildfire.
  • The dealership originally planned to donate water, but after hearing from a firefighter, they switched to Gatorade.
  • The dealership's involvement with the firefighters garnered more than 14,000 hits on a social media site.

PLACERVILLE, California — The thirst to help inspired John L. Sullivan Chevrolet.

When a wildfire recently blazed through the nearby Sierra Nevada mountains, the dealership wanted to help, so its namesake John Sullivan donated and delivered 7,500 bottles of Gatorade to keep the firefighters hydrated.

"Because this fire was so close to us, we knew a lot of the firefighters," Ron Bolton, John L. Sullivan Chevrolet's business development manager, told Edmunds.  "We wanted to donate water but one of our business office managers has a son that fought up there and he told us: ‘We don't need water. We need something to keep our electrolytes working.'"

Sullivan himself helped to unload the truck filled with Gatorade.

"He is a great and honorable man and is always involved directly with the public," Bolton said.

The drinks were delivered to the firefighters' base camp at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds.

Some of the photos the dealership has taken of the fire and of the Gatorade donation have gone viral, with more than 14,000 hits on Facebook, Bolton said.

"Even Gatorade picked up on our posting," he said.

It remains to be seen if the gesture will sell any cars, he said.

"That was never our intention," Bolton said. "We're all about helping our community."

Edmunds says: A thoughtful gesture gets a lot of mileage for a community-minded dealership, thanks to social media.

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