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Future Auto Colors Will Take a "Parallax" View, Says BASF

SOUTHFIELD, Michigan — The future color-palette theme for automakers is "Parallax," according to the BASF Automotive Color Trends 2016/17 report.

Parallax refers to the concept that objects look different when viewed from shifting angles, and BASF says we can expect to see colors that not only change with viewing angle but also reflect changes in society, especially in the areas of digitization, technology and the revitalization of urban centers.

BASF's annual study, which helps manufacturers prepare for future automotive colors, is put together by a team of designers from around the world who research trends in such areas as technology, society, politics and culture in North and South America, Asia and Europe.

The result is a collection of 65 colors prepared for automakers worldwide, including the top three color themes that BASF predicts will be available in the North American market for the 2020 model year:

"Raingarden" is a metallic silver that softly transitions to reveal green and blue elements. BASF says this color's ability to change is meant to show that the distinction between technology and the natural world is becoming ever less distinct.

"Primordial Soup" will be a deep, blood red that was inspired by the heart, according to BASF. It represents "collective passion but also key factors that contribute to individualization."

"Aerialist Wish" is black embedded with a silvery look throughout. BASF notes that at first glance it may appear gritty, but underneath it is "mysterious and luxurious," which relates to society's view of urban development.

Globally, BASF is predicting a future automotive color collection of synthetic and metallic hues, which it says reflect the ambiguous relationship between the virtual and physical worlds.

The new global palette will include metallic blues, silvers and whites that demonstrate the trend toward digitization, as well as chromatic colors and natural hues that represent "a search for authentic experiences and emotions, especially in urban areas."

Some of these finishes will make use of innovative pigment effects that combine two or more colors, along with metallic urban elements.

Edmunds says: BASF's latest trends report predicts that car shoppers won't lack for interesting and unique color choices in 2020.

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