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Caffeine Depleted? Brew Espresso in Your Car

Just the Facts:
  • French company Handpresso has introduced an espresso machine for in-car use.
  • The Handpresso Auto is available online for around $200.
  • Fiat began offering an in-car espresso maker in European Fiat 500L models last year.

FONTAINEBLEAU, France — Handpresso, maker of portable espresso machines suitable for travel, picnicking and camping, has now introduced a $200 model specially designed for in-car use.

Thanks to Handpresso Auto, "car trips are punctuated by espresso breaks which become genuine moments of pleasure," says the company's Web site.

The compact device, which fits in a cupholder and plugs into a standard 12-volt outlet, makes a cup of espresso in about two minutes using standard E.S.E. pods. The process seems straightforward: Fill the water reservoir up to the row of clear windows, slip in a pod, screw the lid on tightly and push the start button.

After some hissing and whirring, three beeps signal that the excitement is over. When it's necessary to remove the Handpresso Auto from the cupholder, turn it over and push the fluid-release button, shooting the beverage into a cup...or all over your Maserati's leather interior, if your aim isn't good.

Although interesting, and maybe even useful, the idea of combining vehicles and coffeemakers isn't exactly unique. Last year, Fiat teamed up with Italian coffee maker Lavazza to offer in-car espresso machines as an option in the European Fiat 500L. Other companies, like Lamborghini and Ducati, have home machines carrying their names, and Switzerland-based Nespresso even made one in the form of a Ferrari F1 helmet.

Stuck in gridlock? Can't take the time to stop at Starbuck's? The Handpresso Auto can be purchased from a number of online sites, including, with prices ranging from around $190-$230.

Edmunds says: Handpresso's motto is "Espresso Anywhere!" But the company wisely cautions against brewing while driving.

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