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BMW i Next Flagship in the Works

MUNICH, Germany — The BMW i Next, a self-driving flagship vehicle for BMW's i Brand, is in the product pipeline, said BMW CEO Harald Krueger during the company's annual shareholders meeting on Thursday.

"In 2018, we will launch a BMW i8 Roadster," Krueger said in a statement. "This will be followed in 2021 by the BMW i Next, our new innovation driver, with autonomous driving, digital connectivity, intelligent lightweight design, a totally new interior and ultimately bringing the next generation of electro-mobility to the road."

He added: "The discussion about e-mobility is an emotional one, but the decisive factor is that we move things forward."

Tesla vehicles, including the Tesla Model S sedan and Model X SUV, are expected to be the main targets of the new BMW i Next.

Pricing and U.S. launch timing were not announced.

The BMW i brand is expanding, with more than 50,000 i vehicles sold to date, Krueger said.

BMW is set to offer a 2017 BMW i3 electric vehicle with 50 percent more battery capacity.

"Since 2013, revolution in automotive engineering has been all about the electric BMW i3," Krueger said.

Edmunds says: BMW knows luxury shoppers are looking beyond Audi and Mercedes-Benz showrooms and at new competitors. The BMW i brand is poised to take the German automaker into new territory.

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