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Ford's Driverless Van Could Deliver Packages Right to Your Door

Ford says its new driverless electric concept van could launch a fleet of drones to deliver packages right to your door.

Unveiled at the 2017 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, the Ford Autolivery concept van was designed to meet the challenge of the "last 15 meters" in the delivery of goods to consumers. In other words, the Autolivery van would drive up a street, and its drone fleet would pick up and drop off packages from curb to door. The concept, Ford says, could help relieve traffic congestion in crowded urban areas.

Ford demonstrated the Autolivery through virtual-reality headsets at the Mobile World Congress as part of its vision of the "City of Tomorrow." That larger concept would involve solving urban mobility challenges, such as gridlock and air pollution, by employing bicycles, ride-hailing services, autonomous vehicles and other transportation innovations. In addition to improving mobility, another result might be that roadways could be converted to parks and other green spaces.

"Ford has at its heart a culture of disruption and innovation designed to come up with solutions that put people first, to save them time, money and aggravation, and also to make our cities easier to navigate and better to live in," Ken Washington, vice president of Research and Advanced Engineering for Ford Motor Co., said in a statement.

A major part of Ford's stated innovation is to continue increasing the number of electric vehicles it offers to the point where they outnumber its gasoline-powered models within 15 years. It also plans to have a fully autonomous commercial vehicle — for use in ride-sharing, ride-hailing and package delivery services — by 2021.

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