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2018 Tesla Model 3 Spied Testing Undisguised

Spy photos of the entry-level 2018 Tesla Model 3 sedan capture the future model being tested undisguised on public roads near Tesla's headquarters in Palo Alto, California.

The Model 3 was caught testing at brisk speeds along with a BMW 3 Series, suggesting Tesla's intention to target the Bavarian luxury brand's most popular series.

The images of the preproduction model show the Model 3 to be somewhat toned down from the version that was shown last year while bearing familial resemblance to its big brother, the sleek Tesla Model S. One of the most disparaged features on that earlier prototype was its tiny trunk opening. Although this latest version still has a short rear deck, the design suggests a possible hatchback.

Other notable features include two new sensors facing the rear quarter of the vehicle, which could be additional Tesla Autopilot cameras, and a revised front end, another area of criticism on the previous version.

Shots of the interior reveal the lack of an instrument panel in front of the driver and a more horizontal screen that replaces the vertical unit in the Tesla Model X crossover.

According to Tesla chief Elon Musk, the Model 3, which begins production in July, is set to be released later this year in small numbers before its anticipated retail debut next year. The base Model 3 is projected to have a range of around 215 miles, but more expensive versions should get larger systems to boost that to 300 miles. Pricing is expected to start at less than $40,000.

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