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2017 Tesla Model X Price Reduced to $79,500

Electric car manufacturer Tesla has announced that it has lowered the base price of the 2017 Tesla Model X SUV to $79,500, a $3,000 reduction from its previous starting price.

According to Reuters, the automaker said the cost saving is possible because of production efficiencies that resulted in improved margins. Tesla CEO Elon Musk says his company is now ramped up to produce as many of the Model X as its best-selling 2017 Tesla Model S performance sedan.

When the Model X was first introduced, Musk said it would cost $5,000 more than a similarly equipped Model S. It took almost two years, but with the Model X 75D now reduced to $79,500, that initial promise has finally come to fruition: The Model S 75D starts at $74,500. And the highest-priced Model X, the long-range P100D, is priced from $145,000, while the Model S P100D starts $140,000.

The price adjustment comes on the heels of the rollout of Tesla's latest model, the entry-level 2018 Tesla Model 3 sedan, which starts at $35,000. As previously reported by Edmunds, deliveries of the Model 3 began at the end of July, although the first version to go into production was the long-range variant, priced from $49,000.

There was some speculation that the Model X cost reduction came as a result of Tesla's concern that the launch of the Model 3 would cut into sales of the company's existing models. But Musk said that consumer interest in the Model S and Model X has actually increased with the debut of the lower-priced sedan.

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