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Audi On Demand's Daily Rental Service Debuts

SAN FRANCISCO Audi is piloting a new program called Audi On Demand that allows consumers to rent their choice of model, including the 2015 Audi R8 supercar, by the day for up to 28 days.

Although the R8 is priced from a hefty $1,195 per day, a wide range of new Audi models are available through the program at a variety of prices.

Examples include the Allroad, priced from $165 per day; A6 or Q5, from $200 per day; S5 Cabriolet, from $300 per day; and the RS 5, from $440 per day. Or, for those who prefer an open-top supercar experience, the R8 Spyder can be rented from $1,285 per day.

Audi notes that these prices don't include insurance and that some models have mileage caps of 200 miles per day, with charges for additional miles.

Audi On Demand works through a free app that's available at the Apple App Store. Once it's downloaded, customers select their vehicle, including specific color and trim level. Then they can either pick it up at a dealer or have it delivered to them at the location of their choice by an Audi "concierge."

Renters are able to lock, unlock and start the vehicle using the app, although Audi notes that a key card is included as a backup.

"Audi On Demand embodies the brand's core values of technological progress and a love for discovery," said Mark Del Rosso, executive vice president and chief operating officer for Audi of America, in a statement. "The service is rooted in customization, personalization and having the right car for the right moment."

At the moment, Audi On Demand is only being offered in San Francisco, although Audi says the program will be rolled out to additional U.S. cities "in the coming years."

Edmunds says: Audi On Demand sounds like a good way for consumers to test vehicles before heading out to the dealership — or to indulge their fantasies.

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