Applications for 2017 Ford GT Exceed 7,000 in Less Than a Week

DEARBORN, Michigan — Ford told Edmunds on Monday that it has received more than 7,000 applications globally for the 2017 Ford GT ultrahigh-performance midengine sports car in less than a week.

Production is limited to 250 units per year and the initial ordering period will cover 500 vehicles or the first two years of production.

The 2017 GT will start arriving at Ford dealerships in December. The vehicle configurator debuted last week.

Ford said more than 180,000 enthusiasts in the U.S. alone have visited the site since its launch last Wednesday.

"Almost 100,000 U.S. fans — more than half of all visitors to the site — have checked out the configurator, which lets anyone build the Ford GT of their dreams," Ford said in response to a query.

The digital tool allows visitors to pick the Ford GT's exterior colors and stripes, wheel options, types of carbon fiber trim and interior themes.

The most popular optioned color so far is Liquid Blue, the same shade shown on the Ford GT at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show.

Matte Black is the second most popular exterior color.

"The configurator's default exterior color of Frozen White is also proving exceptionally popular," Ford said.

The application process for the Ford GT runs until May 12.

Key competitors to the Ford GT include the Acura NSX, Audi R8 and McLaren P1.

Edmunds says: Ford GT hopefuls get a little better idea about the competition and the most desirable configuration of this highly anticipated car.