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2016 Toyota Tacoma Features Standard GoPro Camera Mount

SEATTLE — The redesigned 2016 Toyota Tacoma includes an unusual standard feature designed to woo off-road fanatics. A GoPro camera mount is included on all versions of the truck.

Two other camera mounts specifically engineered for the 2016 Tacoma will be available as accessories when the pickup arrives at Toyota dealerships in September.

The feature is aimed at enthusiasts who spend their spare time filming off-roading adventures.

The little detail, which may seal the deal for some truck buyers, is designed to make the Tacoma more competitive against the Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon and Nissan Frontier pickup trucks.

Tacoma chief engineer Mike Sweers told Edmunds the idea to offer the mounting bracket for the GoPro camera was suggested two years ago by one of Toyota's marketing people.

During trips to Moab, Utah, and other serious off-road locations, off-roaders were seen using GoPro cameras to record their trips. Some had as many as four cameras mounted on their vehicles. Many were posting their videos on YouTube.

Toyota contacted GoPro and, in a short time, a team consisting of Toyota and GoPro engineers started working on the project.

Sweers said engineers needed to meet visibility requirements for the Tacoma's windshield, as the camera mount is located inside the truck at the top of the windshield. An electrical connection is not used, since the camera operates on batteries.

The camera mount also had to be durable and able to survive a crash.

"If you have your camera on that mount and you get in an accident, we have to make sure the camera doesn't separate from the windshield," Sweers said.

In addition, there were vibration tests, as well as tests under extreme heat and high humidity.

Toyota's accessory group also worked with GoPro to develop the additional mounts that can be attached to the Tacoma's roof rack and the rail system in the pickup bed.

A cleat-mounted one goes in the rail bed to capture action in the rear or alongside the truck.

"It gives you a different perspective of your adventure," Sweers said.

Edmunds says: Adding a GoPro to the new Tacoma may be popular among off-roaders, but it may also attract the attention of those already equipping their vehicles with dash cams to record potential accidents.

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