2016 Kia Optima and Christopher Walken Add Pizzazz to Super Bowl Commercial

IRVINE, California — The Super Bowl commercial for the redesigned 2016 Kia Optima pits the midsize sedan against competitors including the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry with the help of actor Christopher Walken.

Dubbed "Walken Closet," the commercial finds the actor inside a man's closet, where he touts the Optima as being "like the world's most exciting pair of socks."

"There are two kinds of people in this world," Walken says. "Those who are content to blend in. Then there are those who expect more. They're exciting."

To illustrate his point, Walken holds up a multi-color sock.

Other unusual approaches for this year's Super Bowl auto advertising include singing sheep in the commercial for the 2017 Honda Ridgeline pickup truck and a melancholy retired astronaut in the pitch for the 2017 Audi R8.

Kia is leaning on social-media influencers in its digital campaign for the Optima.

Kia said nearly 100 influencers received a pair of the colorful socks in the ad.

They "were encouraged to share how they 'add pizzazz' to their lives on their social-media channels," Kia said.

As part of the Optima campaign, consumers can download a $25 Visa pre-paid card test-drive voucher at Kia.com that is redeemable after eligible consumers visit a Kia dealership and complete a test-drive of the 2016 Optima.

Edmunds says: Car shoppers who dislike beige socks and want to stand out from the pack should take advantage of this Kia test-drive offer.

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