2016 BMW 7 Series Centennial Limited-Edition Model in the Works | Edmunds

2016 BMW 7 Series Centennial Limited-Edition Model in the Works

MUNICH, Germany BMW will celebrate its 100th anniversary this year with a 2016 BMW 7 Series Centennial limited-edition sedan, Edmunds has learned.

The special model will be produced in limited numbers with strict allocations to major markets, including the U.S.

Changes to the 7 Series will be cosmetic and involve modifications to the exterior and interior.

Pricing has not been announced. The 7 Series Centennial is expected to arrive at BMW dealerships in the fall.

The car is part of much wider celebrations that will see concept cars revealed for each of the main BMW brands, including Mini and Rolls-Royce.

BMW also previewed the future of mobility with its self-driving BMW Vision Next 100 concept.

The concept's steering wheel and pedals retract when not in use. Driver information is projected onto the windshield.

Some features may eventually appear on a production vehicle, but the concept is more of an impression of what a 2030 BMW might be like.

"Rather than being an anonymous transport machine, it is a highly customized vehicle that is perfectly tailored to suit the driver's changing needs," BMW said in a statement on Monday.

Edmunds says: Car shoppers who want to mark this major BMW milestone should keep in touch with their dealer for the latest information on the 7 Series Centennial.

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