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2016 BMW 3 Series, i3 Featured in New BMW Premium Car-Sharing Program

SEATTLE — The 2016 BMW 3 Series sedan, BMW i3 electric hatchback and Mini Cooper hatchback will make up the initial fleet of BMW's new U.S. car-sharing program, which is dubbed ReachNow.

The program has kicked off in Seattle with 370 vehicles. BMW plans to add three more U.S. cities in 2016 and eventually expand to 10 North American cities.

The service will expand to include Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in the next quarter.

"ReachNow is designed to provide drivers with an experience that is as convenient as owning a car," BMW said in a statement. "The user experience is premium, with fast registration and an almost instant approval process — in two minutes or less."

The one-time registration fee is $39.

ReachNow costs 49 cents per minute while driving and 30 cents per minute while parked. As part of a limited-time introductory offer, ReachNow will charge 41 cents for each minute the vehicle is used and waive the registration fee.

Longer loans are priced at a flat-fee rate of $50 for up to three hours, $80 for 12 hours and $110 for a full day.

Members can request a specific vehicle to be delivered to their desired time and location.

Mini owners can rent out their personal Mini vehicles using the ReachNow app, "thus helping to offset the cost of car ownership," BMW said.

ReachNow also offers the option to book a car with a chauffeur, pitting it against Uber and Lyft.

The BMW program is part of a larger effort by automakers, including Ford and Daimler, to transform into mobility-service companies.

Edmunds says: This car-sharing service also gives car shoppers the chance to get acquainted with BMW vehicles ahead of a visit to the dealership.

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