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2014-'16 Jeep Cherokee Recalled for Seat Fastener Problem

WASHINGTON — Fiat Chrysler is recalling 1,824 2014-'16 Jeep Cherokee SUVs in the U.S. because of a seat fastener problem, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

"The seat fasteners on the first- or second-row seats may not have been tightened to the proper torque specification," the NHTSA said in its recall summary. "Loose fasteners may allow the seats to move, increasing the risk of injury to the seat occupants in the event of a crash."

No accidents or injuries are linked to the recall, the company told federal safety regulators.

The affected Jeep Cherokees were built from July 29, 2013, to February 5, 2016.

Jeep dealers will replace the seats or seat sets. The recall is expected to begin on September 23. Owners can contact Fiat Chrysler customer service at 1-800-853-1403.

Edmunds says: Owners of these vehicles should be ready to make an appointment with their Jeep dealership in late September to address this problem.

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