GM's Second Life

On June 1, 2009, General Motors, once the largest and among the mightiest corporations on the planet, filed for bankruptcy. It emerged on July 10, 2009 as a smaller and less debt burdened company but with majority U.S. taxpayer ownership. Edmunds' presents a special series that examines the first year of GM's second life post bankruptcy and looks at the road ahead.

GM Has Set Its Cap on Winning Over Wall Street

WallStreet.jpg A year after General Motors filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the hot topic is no longer whether GM deserved to be bailed out by the government, but how much the "new" GM might be worth on Wall Street -- and whether taxpayers, who own 60 percent of the automaker, stand a chance at getting their money back from the federal bailout.

After its brush with death, GM executives are eager to issue an initial public offering and return to being a publicly traded company. GM CEO Ed Whitacre repeatedly speaks of an IPO taking place as early as later this year or early 2011...

For GM, New Promise Balanced by Old Problems

gm-rencen2.JPG A "new" General Motors lives, when many doubted it would; and it is healthier than the old GM. The automaker ditched costs and is making better products. But bankruptcy didn't fix everything. The future calls for the automaker to return to public ownership, repay taxpayers, fund union health care and earn profits. None are easy tasks.

Not-so-Secret Weapon: GM's Slimmer Cost Structure Will Pack Wallop

With all the positive things that have begun accruing to General Motors as it attempts to leave 2009's bankruptcy behind, the biggest one of all has only begun to materialize: GM's fast-improving manufacturing-cost position versus its biggest foreign rivals.

Costs will be much discussed at its first annual Global Business Conference June 29. GM announced Thursday that the conference will be hosted by GM Vice Chairman and CFO Chris Liddell and several senior leaders to provide updates on the company's global business. The conference clearly is a warm-up for GM's upcoming initial public offering ofits stock..

After The Fall, GM's Year of Climbing BackAlthough GM Rebounding, Plant Shutdowns Won't Stop

Fewer brands means fewer plants. Assembly plants, powertrain plants, component-making operations. When GM filed for bankruptcy last June, it said it would idle or permanently close 14 manufacturing plants and three service and parts operations.

After The Fall, GM's Year of Climbing Back

Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Paul Ingrassia, author of "Crash Course" that chronicles General Motors' and Chrysler's travails, insists government-funded bankruptcy was absolutely necessary, but he questions whether taxpayers will be repaid and if GM will forge a secure, prosperous future.

GM Bankruptcy: What Happened to the Bargains?

With the impending bankruptcy of General Motors, many saw the silver lining - the potential for some great deals. But the bargains didn't appear, at least not right away.

Chasing Cultural Transformation, CEO Whitacre Picks His Spots

EdWhitacrePelosi.jpgThe former AT&T CEO already has made a big impact on how his new company operates. Whitacre has shaken up the ranks of top management more than once. He has streamlined decision-making with a few bold strokes. He has set high goals and has frowned on excuse-making. And when it comes to GM's crucial product-development and manufacturing operations, Whitacre has left well enough basically alone.

What else has he done?

GM's Revolving Management Door

In about a year's time, during which General Motors entered and emerged from bankruptcy, the automaker has been a revolving door of management. During that period, GM had three different Chief Executive Officers and three different Chief Marketing Officers along with a host of other management changes. Here's a slideshow of some of the more high-profile changes.

GM Marketing Could Use a Savior - Or At Least Some Successes

Great products underlie the most effective promotion, and in that regard General Motors is on a promising path with its new vehicles. But GM hasn't done itself any favors with its marketing for a long time.
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Some American Consumers Are In GM's Corner Again

Some Americans are rallying behind GM, spurred on by their sense of ownership in the taxpayer bailout; others have a more dispassionate view, concerned more about the effects on the economy than the fate of GM.
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