Porsche Confirms Electric Sports Car, But Says Hybrid 911 or Boxster Is a No-Go

By Scott Doggett January 7, 2010

Porsche-logo.jpgPorsche CEO Michael Macht confirmed today that the German automaker will not build hybrid versions of the 911 and Boxster, denying rumors to the contrary.

Although the company has announced that it will make a hybrid version of the new Cayenne, Macht rejected the idea of giving its sports cars a gasoline-electric powertrain.

"It's technically possible but it's not part of the plan. It also adds weight" to a vehicle, he said in reference to hybrid parts.

However, Macht said Porsche wants its sports cars to capture energy spent during braking and wants the vehicles equipped with stop-start technology, to improve fuel economy.

Both technologies are common to hybrids, but Macht said Porsche doesn't want a hybrid sports car. That's because its sports cars are not generally driven in the city, he said, which is where a hybrid makes the most sense.

Macht also confirmed that Porsche was working on an all-electric sports car, but he said the company wouldn't put it into production unless it could reach the performance levels of a gasoline model.

"There are some efforts to make a pure electric supercar," he said, "but if Porsche is going to do that it must have the same performance and the same range as now. We want to make cars you can drive every day."

He added that Porsche doesn't think the performance and safety of lithium-ion batteries is yet good enough to use them in an electric car or a hybrid.

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