BMW Group to Launch Megacity Electric Vehicle as Sub-brand

By Scott Doggett August 4, 2009

norbert-reithofer.jpg The chairman of BMW Group announced in a statement today that the Megacity electric vehicle the Bavarian automaker is developing will, like MINI, be sold under a sub-brand.

Without elaboration, Dr. Norbert Reithofer (pictured) stated:

"This auto will be launched on the market as a sub-brand of BMW. As BMW is the innovation driver within the Group, the decision for a sub brand under BMW is the most logical step. Details on this topic will be made known later this year."

It would, we think, be most logical if the vehicle is one in a string of electric vehicles (or at least zero-emissions vehicles) that the BMW group produces.

Later on, Reithofer provided some details about BMW's decision Monday to tap SB LiMotive, a joint venture between Bosch and Samsung SDI, to supply lithium-ion battery cells for the Megacity EV, is has a vague launch date of the first half of the next decade.

"This cooperation," Reithofer said, "gives us access to state-of-the-art lithium-ion storage technology. Both partners of this joint venture Bosch and Samsung SDI have the competence and ability to handle the entire battery lifecycle up to the stage of re-use or recycling."

That's interesting, because it means that BMW considered the final disposition of its EV batteries in its decision to work with SB LiMotive. It's more evidence that when BMW talks about sustainability, it backs up its words with actions that are consistent with them.

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