GM Logo May Turn Green

By Michelle Krebs July 9, 2009

The "new" General Motors that emerges from bankruptcy by the end of this week may well GM Green logo.JPG usher in the event with a new logo -- one that is green instead of blue.

People briefed on its plans told the Associated Press that the company is looking into changing the background color of its corporate logo from blue to green in an effort to show consumers that it is leaner and greener, more focused on fuel-efficiency and better able to make quick decisions.

The wire service reported that Ed Welburn, GM's vice president of design, is leading a group that is studying name and logo changes, but no recommendation has been made yet.

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fulcrumb says: 5:32 PM, 07.09.09

"A group that is studying name and logo changes" says a lot about the Company's decision making process.
You folks in the RenCen first have to realize what it is you're working for. You are working for an American institution that started from a handshake by David Buick, Ransom E. Olds and William Durant and went on to become the first company in the world to make one billion dollars.
And for generations was the largest business of any kind. Scores of competitors came and went as you dominated the market with a 51% share at one point.
Times have been good and times have been terrible before; for General Motors and the country.
However, we didn't come up with a new flag and different name after a trying time. Instead we rallied around our Stars and Stripes and sought ways to become greater.
Keep the silver GM characters on a square blue field and change the perception by persevering in your product focus.

jgoods says: 2:09 PM, 01.13.10

More tinkering around the edges, GM. You know you've got to get serious about transforming the company. Even Lutz knows this. Your survival depends on it. See A logo change will not convince anybody.


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