Enterprise Rent-A-Car Gets Greener With Fleet of 100 Hybrids at Denver Intl. Airport

By Scott Doggett December 4, 2008

Enterprise Illustration.jpg Enterprise Rent-A-Car, America's largest car rental company, has added 100 hybrid vehicles to its fleet of rental cars and SUVs at Denver International Airport.

Founded in 1957 and headquartered in St. Louis, Enterprise now offers 26 locations across the U.S. where travelers can rent Toyota Prius and Camry hybrid sedans and Ford Escape hybrid SUVs online or by phone starting at $59.99 per day, about $10 more than a standard internal-combustion vehicle of similar size.

The company intends to include 7,000 gas-electric hybrid vehicles in its national rental fleet, which currently contains 2,000, officials said.

In addition to the 26 locations mentioned above, Enterprise offers eight E85/FlexFuel sites where up to 30 percent of the vehicles for rent can run on the gasoline/ethanol blend.

The inclusion of hybrid and flex-fuel vehicles in Enterprise's rental fleet is but one of many efforts the company is taking to improve the environment. As the illustration shows, the fleet contains nearly half a million fuel-efficient vehicles.

Beyond that: Enterprise is planting 1 million trees annually until it has planted 50 million. The company offers customers the opportunity to contribute to certified offset projects that work to remove climate-changing gases from the atmosphere. And, the family that owns Enterprise last year spent $25 million to create a plant science research facility.

Visit our sister Website, Edmunds.com's InsideLine, or go to Enterprise's Website to read more about the company's environmental efforts.

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