Top 10 Cars With the Best Residual Value for 2004

Top 10 Cars With the Best Residual Value for 2004

Want to buy a car that really holds its value? If resale value is important to you, these are the cars likely to depreciate the least during the ownership period. Below we show the percentage of its original value that each vehicle is likely to retain after five years with an annual mileage of 15,000. Keep in mind that the residual value percentages are based on the national True Market Value® (TMV) price, plus typical options and destination charge. A quick scan of our list shows that import nameplates rule when it comes to retaining their value, Viper and Corvette excepted. Beyond that, it's clear that luxury nameplates hold an edge as well, though the lineups of non-luxury brands like Honda, Toyota and Volkswagen are also well represented.

  1. Porsche 911

    1. Porsche 911 — 57%

  2. Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class

    2. Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class — 53%

  3. Acura NSX

    3. Acura NSX — 52%
    Dodge Viper
    Honda S2000
    Mini Cooper

  4. 4. BMW Z4 — 51%
    Nissan 350Z

  5. 5. BMW M3 — 50%

  6. 6. BMW 3 Series — 49%
    Honda Accord
    Honda Civic
    Volkswagen Jetta
    Volkswagen New Beetle

  7. 7. Acura RSX — 48%
    Chevrolet Corvette
    Lexus ES 330
    Lexus GS 300
    Lexus GS 430
    Lexus SC 430
    Mercedes-Benz CLK55 AMG
    Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class
    Mercedes-Benz SLK32 AMG
    Toyota Camry Solara
    Toyota Celica
    Toyota MR2 Spyder

  8. 8. Audi TT — 47%
    Infiniti G35
    Mercedes-Benz CL-Class
    Mercedes-Benz E-Class
    Toyota Matrix
    Volkswagen GTI
    Volkswagen Passat

  9. 9. Acura TL — 46%
    Acura TSX
    BMW 5 Series
    Mazda RX-8
    Mercedes-Benz CL55 AMG
    Porsche Boxster
    Subaru Outback
    Toyota Camry
    Volkswagen Golf

  10. 10. Jaguar S-Type R — 45%
    Lexus IS 300
    Lexus LS 430
    Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG
    Nissan Altima
    Toyota Avalon
    Volvo XC70

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