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Tips and advice that you need to know before buying your next car, truck or SUV.

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What Is the Best Site to Sell a Car?
You have more options than ever when it comes to selling your vehicle in today's market. Here is a guide for each method and some of the best sites to get cash for your used car.

Are You Buying Trouble if You Buy a Rental Car?
Potential benefits of buying from rental car companies include competitive prices and ease of shopping.

How to Buy a Car
Here's everything you need to know about how to buy a car, from beginning to end. This article will focus on how to buy a new car, but we also show you where to go to buy a used car.

Coronavirus Zero-Interest Car Loans and Deals
Automakers are offering auto loan finance deals including no-interest loans and deferred payments for qualified buyers. We round up current offers and supply resources to find more.

Car Dealerships Step Up During Coronavirus
Dealership service and sales departments are taking extra steps to keep Americans on the road during COVID-19. We're collecting customer testimonials about their experiences during the pandemic.

Online Car Shopping During Social Distancing
How do you buy a car — a traditionally time-intensive exercise requiring extensive personal interaction — in the age of COVID-19 and social distancing? We have a number of online shopping resources that make it easier than ever to research, view inventory, and even initiate a sale from the safety of your own home.

Tips on When to Buy a Car to Get the Best Deal
The best time to buy a car doesn't boil down to just one weekend, month or season. You have lots of opportunities to find great deals and discounts on cars, and we list them here, along with some pros and cons for the holiday weekends that are advertised as offering great car deals.

AWD vs. 4WD: What's the Difference?
What's the difference between all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive? Which is right for you in snow, ice or sand? Edmunds sorts out the confusing terminology, explains how AWD and 4WD work, and lays out the pros and cons. Here's handy information for buying your next car, truck or SUV.

25 Tips for Easier Family Car Shopping
Use these 25 tips to streamline your road to the purchase of a new family car.


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