Top 10 Least Expensive Vehicles of 2007 -

Top 10 Least Expensive Vehicles of 2007

Used cars are all well and good, but you may be one of those people who wants to experience the unique thrill of owning a vehicle that's passed through only one pair of hands — yours. There's no substitute for "new car smell," after all.

If you crave something new but have limited funds, consider one of the budget-priced choices listed below; these are the 10 least expensive 2007 sedans and coupes on the market. Rankings are based on MSRP, including destination charges. All are available for less than $15,000, and our top-ranking economy car can be yours for less than $10 grand.

Some of these models are subject to rebates and incentives, which make them even more of a bargain. Be sure to check each car's True Market ValueSM before making a buying decision.

  1. Chevrolet Aveo

    1. Chevrolet Aveo, $9,995

  2. Hyundai Accent

    2. Hyundai Accent, $10,995

  3. Kia Rio

    3. Kia Rio, $11,350

  4. Toyota Yaris

    4. Toyota Yaris, $11,770

  5. Saturn Ion

    5. Saturn Ion, $12,890

  6. Nissan Versa

    6. Nissan Versa, $13,165

  7. Kia Spectra

    7. Kia Spectra , $13,495

  8. Chevrolet Cobalt

    8. Chevrolet Cobalt, $13,740

  9. Hyundai Elantra

    9. Hyundai Elantra, $13,995

  10. Suzuki Reno

    10. Suzuki Reno, $14,079

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