Top 10 Screamin' Deals on '04 Models

Top 10 Screamin' Deals on '04 Models

As the new cars begin to roll onto the showroom floors in the fall, last year's models lose their luster and also their high prices. This means there are enough surprising discounts (dealer and customer cash and low interest financing) to please even the thriftiest shopper.

In some cases, the manufacturer is going to continue making a certain model car, but is about to introduce a completely redesigned car under the same name. We're talkin' serious discounts here. True, you are buying a car that is essentially outdated and out of fashion. But some people are more bargain hunters than they are trendsetters. In these cases, the savings will be huge, especially for the buyer that trolls's Incentives & Rebates for information on customer cash rebates, low-interest incentives and dealer cash.

In other cases, a carmaker announces that a particular model will be discontinued — forever. Now we're talking off-the-charts savings. But there are two problems — you've got a car that will plummet in the depreciation category and you have to keep answering questions from people who say, "Didn't that car get the axe?"

First, some fine print: remember that rebates and incentives are regional so check for them based on your ZIP code. They also vary depending on the model and trim level. The figures we have here are general prices to direct you toward the screamin' deals.

That said, here are 10 good cars that fit one of the above categories. Shop, save and enjoy.

  1. 2004 Chevrolet Corvette

    1. 2004 Chevrolet Corvette:

    The quintessential American sports car can be purchased at below invoice price by applying a $3,000 customer cash rebate. An additional $750 rebate can be used by members of the military.

  2. 2004 Audi A6

    2. 2004 Audi A6:

    "Discount" isn't a word that often applies to this elegant midsize German luxury sedan except when chauffeuring around a member of nobility ("Hey, I had dis count in my Audi the other day"). But now you can get some models for as little as $1,200 over invoice minus a $1,000 customer cash rebate with low-interest financing.

  3. 2004 Honda Odyssey

    3. 2004 Honda Odyssey:

    For years this segment-dominating minivan was only available at sticker and even over-sticker prices. As the newly redesigned '05 model approaches, the '04s are selling at just $300 over invoice because of a $500 dealer cash rebate. And, yes, it's still a great van.

  4. 2004 Subaru Legacy

    4. 2004 Subaru Legacy /Outback:

    Subaru has built a very loyal following, and rebates are as scarce for this Japanese manufacturer as hen's teeth. Still, the $500-over-invoice price, according to our TMV, is an indication that dealers are trying to make way for the newly redesigned '05 version.

  5. 2004 Cadillac Seville

    5. 2004 Cadillac Seville:

    This American luxury car will be discontinued next year and replaced by the STS, so the manufacturer is pushing them out the door with whopping $7,000 dealer cash rebates. This means that below-invoice savings are the norm when shopping for this Caddy.

  6. 2004 Nissan Pathfinder

    6. 2004 Nissan Pathfinder:

    The Pathfinder has been a reliable workhorse for Nissan for many years. Next year's redesign is prompting near-invoice pricing and a $2,500 customer cash rebate.

  7. 2004 Toyota Tacoma

    7. 2004 Toyota Tacoma:

    Well, there are no juicy incentives on this cute little pickup truck that will soon be overhauled. But the good news is you can snap up some '04 models for about $500 over invoice.

  8. 2004 Dodge Dakota

    8. 2004 Dodge Dakota:

    While we're on the subject of good-looking pickups, the Dodge Dakota is also a good buy this year. Of course, $3,500 customer cash back sweetens the deal on a truck that was already selling for about $300 over invoice according to's TMV pricing.

  9. 2004 Ford Mustang

    9. 2004 Ford Mustang:

    There's a lot of buzz about the '05 Mustang, but the '04 remains a desirable car for the savvy shopper. The original pony car is selling for only about $500 over invoice minus a $2,500 customer cash rebate. This means some models can be had for as little as $16,000 plus taxes and fees.

  10. 2004 Volvo S40

    10. 2004 Volvo S40 and Volvo V40:

    Volvo is rolling out the 2005 S40 and V50 to replace its entry-level four-door sedan and wagon, so the '04s are being pushed by dealer cash. This means the approximately $25,000 car is now about $20,500, thanks to $4,500 in marketing support.

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