Top 10 Luxury Cars Over $45,000

If you're a busy executive or a pro athlete, you may be wondering what to do with your disposable cash. (If you're neither of these people, perhaps you'd like to take a walk in their shoes.) A luxury car is surely the ultimate mobile display of wealth, short of buying your own jet anyway. Exotics like a Bentley or Ferrari are obvious choices, but if you're looking for something more mainstream that will pamper you equally well, take a look at our favorites in this elite class of vehicles.

  1. Audi A6

    1. Audi A6:

It may be just a midsize car, but this Audi has more style and luxury than vehicles twice its size, along with an exceptionally refined driving demeanor.

  • Audi A8

    2. Audi A8:

  • If the A6 isn't big enough for you, try Audi's flagship A8. A lightweight aluminum chassis makes it feel more nimble than other full-size sedans. And an intuitive control system makes it easy to manage its myriad of functions.

    The sportiest of personal luxury coupes, the 645Ci is a driver's car that doesn't compromise a bit on luxury. The sleek convertible version beckons to buyers in mild climates.

    A domestic car on a list of premier luxury cars? That's right. Cadillac has finally built a sedan that meets the Germans on their terms when it comes to driving dynamics and luxury accoutrements.

    If your idea of luxury involves a sport-utility vehicle, it would be hard to find one more distinctive than the Range Rover. It can handle a night out on the town as well as it can an off-road trail. The cabin provides the ambience of a safari vehicle yet is lavish all the same.

    For those who still look for maximum value even when buying a high-dollar vehicle, the LS is an excellent choice. Fitted with what may be the world's most comfortable seats, the Lexus flagship offers the best package of features you'll find in this class.

    Rich wood trim, amazing off-road ability and an easygoing manner on pavement define the LX 470. If the Range Rover isn't plush enough for you and/or room for seven is a must, here's your premium SUV.

    Probably the most refined coupe of them all, the CL has the classiest furnishings of any Mercedes. And if you know even a little about horsepower and torque, you'll salivate over the engine lineup, which ranges from a naturally aspirated V8 to a twin-turbo V12.

    The E-Class is the priciest of all premium midsize sedans, but one look at the car and you'll know why: It's sleek, sexy and overflowing with curbside prestige. The high-performance yet still docile E55 would be our choice.

    Want a roadster on warm, sunny days and a coupe on cold, rainy ones? Then you want the SL roadster and its retractable hardtop. Available with all of the same engines as the CL coupe, this Benz is equally unflappable in the turns.