Top 10 Vehicles for Haunting for 2005

Top 10 Vehicles for Haunting for 2005

Interested in playing undead this Halloween? Every good ghoul knows that if you want to scare someone silly, you've got to be able to fly like the wind and not let them see you coming. With that in mind, we've come up with our top 10 vehicles for haunting. Each offers hair-raising performance, cloaked in the sort of unassuming exterior that won't merit any second glances.

  1. Honda Odyssey

    1. Honda Odyssey:

    Slide behind the wheel of the Odyssey, and you may as well be invisible; its undistinguished minivan looks have a way of fading seamlessly into the background. Stomp on the gas, though, and rest assured that folks will take notice; this speed demon packs a terrifying 255 horses.

  2. Mazda 3

    2. Mazda 3:

    Despite its sleek body lines, the Mazda 3 isn't likely to turn any heads as you pull up to a red light; it is, after all, an economy car. But its peppy performance (especially when equipped with a manual transmission) is likely to leave you shivering with pleasure as you roar off into the darkness. This fun-to-drive little sedan invites you to push it to the limit and then some; in short, it's a real scream.

  3. Nissan Altima

    3. Nissan Altima:

    N is for Nissan. And yes, in the case of the Nissan Altima, N is for nondescript (despite a few well-placed exterior enhancements for 2005). Pump the gas pedal and the picture changes; the Altima comes racing out of the shadows to impart more thrills than you'd expect from such a practical family sedan. We're especially fond of the 260-hp SE-R model.

  4. Audi S4

    4. Audi S4:

    The S4 is a regular Jekyll and Hyde. For the most part, it looks like just another A4. But skid rubber to the road and it becomes something else entirely, thanks to the 340-hp V8 snarling beneath its hood.

  5. Volvo V70R

    5. Volvo V70R:

    The V70R — it doesn't get more stealth than a Volvo station wagon. Can you believe that this innocuous-looking family hauler packs a pavement-chomping 300-hp engine? Neither will the cocky driver in that sports car next to you.

  6. Chrysler 300C

    6. Chrysler 300C:

    Lookswise, the 300C is many things: majestic, sedate, stately, solid. One thing it's not is speedy-looking; with its full lines and generous girth, it looks about as fleet of foot as a hippo in quicksand. All the better to leave drivers slack-jawed, as you tap the prodigious resources offered by its spooky-fast 350-hp Hemi-powered V8.

  7. Cadillac CTS-V

    7. Cadillac CTS-V:

    Talk about a brilliant disguise. The CTS-V is an Olympic sprinter trapped in the body of a doughy, middle-aged couch potato. They won't see you coming. But with the CTS-V's 400-hp V8 (lifted from the high-performance Corvette Z06), they'll definitely see you going.

  8. Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG

    8. Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG:

    To the untrained eye, the E55 AMG looks like any other Mercedes — more luxury than sport. But sport it most certainly is, thanks to razor-sharp handling and a staggering 469 horses straining beneath its hood. How to have fun this Halloween? Slide inside the E55 AMG and fly like a bat out of hell.

  9. BMW 545i

    9. BMW 545i:

    Luxury hauler or pavement mauler? Aside from its slightly menacing scowl, there's nothing about the 545i's appearance that suggests the answer is anything but the former. The truth, however, is a lot more chilling. Powered by a 325-hp V8, this medium-size monster shreds tarmac like you wouldn't believe. Hop onto a twisty road and the perfectly balanced chassis will have you flying around turns at speeds you dare not mention to your significant other.

  10. Subaru Legacy GT

    10. Subaru Legacy GT:

    There's no end to the mischief you could get into behind the wheel of the Legacy GT. Its standard-issue Subie exterior masks a gut-twisting 250-hp engine. This dark steed is for all those who've ever needed to make a quick getaway and disappear into the night.

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