Top 10 Crossovers and SUVs With the Most Rear Legroom for 2012

Top 10 Crossovers and SUVs With the Most Rear Legroom for 2012

Crossovers and SUVs are often chosen by those who need ample passenger capacity, and rear legroom is an important element in this mix. If you're shopping for one of these vehicles, you'll find that there are many choices that give even taller second-row passengers lots of room for their lower limbs.

These 10 picks are the class leaders in this area; these are the 10 crossovers and SUVs with the most rear legroom. From the sporty Mazda CX-9 to the upscale Mercedes-Benz G-Class to the comfortable Chevrolet Equinox, there are choices to suit a wide range of tastes. All measurements shown are in inches.

  1. 2012 Ford Flex

    1. 2012 Ford Flex

    Rear legroom: 44.3

  2. 2012 Mercedes-Benz G-Class

    2. 2012 Mercedes-Benz G-Class (tie)

    Rear legroom: 41.9

  3. 2012 Nissan Armada

    2012 Nissan Armada (tie)

    Rear legroom: 41.9

  4. 2012 Lincoln MKT

    3. 2012 Lincoln MKT

    Rear legroom: 41.8

  5. 2012 Infiniti QX56

    4. 2012 Infiniti QX56

    Rear legroom: 41.0

  6. 2012 Toyota Sequoia

    5. 2012 Toyota Sequoia

    Rear legroom: 40.9

  7. 2012 Chevrolet Equinox

    6. 2012 Chevrolet Equinox (tie)

    Rear legroom: 39.9

  8. 2012 GMC Terrain

    2012 GMC Terrain (tie)

    Rear legroom: 39.9

  9. 2012 Ford Explorer

    7. 2012 Ford Explorer (tie)

    Rear legroom: 39.8

  10. 2012 Mazda CX-9

    2012 Mazda CX-9 (tie)

    Rear legroom: 39.8

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