Top 10 Hippest Vehicles for 2005

Top 10 Hippest Vehicles for 2005

How do you know if a vehicle is hip? It stands out in a crowd. People want to look at it and touch it. It brings something new to the table, and is genuinely different (for a shining moment or two, anyway) from the competition. And most everyone wants to own one. With that in mind, we'd like to present a list of 10 vehicles that we think make this year's hip list.

Of course, hipness is, by its very nature, ephemeral. The car whose buzz commands a mile-long waiting list at the dealership today could very well go the way of the Thunderbird tomorrow. Rest assured, though, that each of the vehicles listed below has more to offer than just an attention-grabbing exterior, and will likely keep you grinning with delight long after the trend it rode in on has faded.

  1. Dodge Magnum

    1. Dodge Magnum:

    Never thought you'd lust after a wagon? One look at the Dodge Magnum and you'll probably think again. Brawny and low-slung, the Magnum is your dad's wagon — on steroids. With enough gravel-stirring power underfoot to back up its aggressive good looks, the Magnum is fun, functional transportation for the post-SUV crowd.

  2. Chrysler 300

    2. Chrysler 300:

    It's got all the stately glamour of a Bentley at a fraction of the price. More than just a family sedan, the 300 is a bona fide starlet, with glossy rap-video cameos to prove it. Old-world charm plus an available 340-horse Hemi under the hood make the 300 a must-have for many in-the-know car lovers.

  3. BMW 6 Series coupe

    3. BMW 6 Series coupe:

    Too edgy for some tastes, the 6 Series coupe boasts swooping lines that fall squarely within the "love it or hate it" category. But everyone is sure to appreciate its elegant cabin and purring V8. Coupes simply don't get more stylish or luxurious than this.

  4. Toyota Prius

    4. Toyota Prius:

    We love its snub-nosed charm, but we know it's the forward-thinking hybrid technology under its hood that has everyone from housewives to Hollywood stars lining up for their very own Prius. Hip for all the right reasons, this clever sedan makes a statement that's more than skin-deep.

  5. Mini Cooper convertible

    5. Mini Cooper convertible:

    What's cuter than a Mini? A Mini with the top down. When it was reborn a couple of years ago, response to the Mini Cooper hatchback was, well, thunderous. Expect more of the same when this new drop-top version hits showroom floors later this year.

  6. Ford GT

    6. Ford GT:

    Slide behind the wheel of this American exotic and watch heads turn. Its eye-catching appearance calls to mind the '60s-era GT40 that inspired it. But what'll really win you over is its bracing, world-class performance.

  7. Scion xB

    7. Scion xB:

    Boxy and severe to look at, it's no conventional beauty. But the xB (which goes nationwide for 2005, after being available in limited markets for 2004) is, beyond all doubt, distinctive. A true original, this offbeat Scion has fast become the ride of choice for those who dare to be different.

  8. Ford Escape hybrid

    8. Ford Escape hybrid:

    On the outside, it's just another SUV. But on the inside, Ford's new hauler boasts the latest in hybrid technology. The Escape hybrid is hot because it gives people something that many hadn't thought possible: an environmentally friendly SUV.

  9. Honda Element

    9. Honda Element:

    The Element is edgy — it looks like it was plucked from a Japanese cartoon. And it's versatile, with an interior whose highlights include scratch-resistant flooring and water-repellent seats. We're guessing it's this winning mix of form and function that continues to make Honda's angular SUV a hot commodity, a good two years after its initial introduction.

  10. Chrysler PT Cruiser convertible

    10. Chrysler PT Cruiser convertible:

    People went gaga for the retro-handsome PT Cruiser when it debuted back in 2001. These days, the ardor has cooled. But don't be surprised if the new-for-2005 convertible version of this popular wagon sets hearts racing all over again.

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