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The biggest Mini, the 2017 Mini Countryman, just got bigger for all the right reasons — more room, more cargo, more fun.

The 2017 Lotus Evora 400 reveals that there's still life to that brand, with the automaker claiming that this is the fastest Lotus yet produced.

The 2017 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid blends features, value and exceptional fuel economy, making it a formidable competitor to the Toyota Prius.

Old-school luxury meets cutting-edge technology in the 2017 Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II.

We added a 2017 Honda Clarity fuel cell electric car to our long-term fleet to see if the new technology is a better alternative to battery-powered electric cars.

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Our editors zero in on topics that car shoppers care about and write news stories that help them make smart buying choices. We also provide insights on industry events and shifts that affect shoppers.

Car sales will be up in March, according to the monthly Edmunds forecast. But there's trouble under the surface: Inventories have reached their highest levels since June 2004, and incentives are also on the rise.

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Our research articles, written by editors who really know their way around the car-shopping process, help you with every aspect of finding and buying the car, truck or SUV that's perfect for you. Here are this week's picks, bringing you great tips for less fuss — and maybe even some fun — in car shopping.

Some automakers are ditching the spare tire to save weight on new cars. Here's our updated guide to what you might find in the trunk now.

Are you confused about which plug-in cars qualify for electric vehicle tax credits and how the whole process works? Our guide will help.

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Edmunds is an authority on everything automotive, so some of the biggest names in the news business often call on us to offer helpful tips for car shoppers and share insights on emerging trends. Here are just a few of the latest examples:

Discounts to Drive U.S. Sales to Best March Since 2000, Analysts Say (Automotive News)

As Auto Prices Rise, Used Cars Are Looking Shinier (New York Times)

Plateau in U.S. Auto Sales Heightens Risk for Lenders: Moody's (Reuters)

Auto News From Around the Web

There's a lot going on in the car business, so it pays to stay on top of things. Here are just a few of the top stories that caught our eye this week:

As dealers try to figure out demand for the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt, pricing is all over the map. Some dealerships are discounting the car, while others are going over sticker. (Automotive News)

Big auto lenders back off subprime loans. Options for buyers with poor credit include independent finance companies and buy-here, pay-here dealerships. (Automotive News)

Pedestrian deaths rose 11 percent in 2016. Distracted drivers — and distracted walkers — are to blame. (Autoblog)

The Chinese auto industry has a history of copycat cars that don't bother to hide their inspirations. Here's a photo gallery. (Autocar)


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