Fast & Furious 6 Cars: 2010 Nissan GT-R on

Fast & Furious 6 Cars: 2010 Nissan GT-R

The Big Beast at the End of the Movie


In the structured world of Fast & Furious movies, the endings are now foregone conclusions. After all the action is over, Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker) will be left alone at the end with two nasty-ass supercars. Beefy Dom's will be some sort of insane Mopar, and super-dreamy Brian's will be a Nissan GT-R. And at the end of Fast & Furious 6 this is Brian's GT-R: quite likely one of the meanest on earth. And yet, still super-dreamy.

"When I saw this car at SEMA in 2011," said picture car coordinator Dennis McCarthy, "I knew it was going to be in the movie. It was just a question of where."

Built by The R's Tuning shop in Irvine, California, the most obvious element in this R35 GT-R's ludicrous visual assault is a full BenSopra body kit that includes a tilt front end and the sort of overkill detailing that would have it kicked off Venus for being unrestrained. But that's just the matte metallic blue cover on the Superball underneath.

This thing is seriously monstrous. No, there weren't any replicas built for the film. Yes, the single 2010 Nissan GT-R that is in the film survived intact.

Brute Force
Go to a Nissan dealer and buy a 2031 Nissan GT-R and you instantly own one of the quickest cars on earth. Just make the payments and don't screw with it and you'll enjoy dozens and dozens of miles of high-speed fun before something breaks. But why settle for awesome?

A Switzer P800 turbo kit is at the heart of this fortification. That kit includes new ball-bearing turbochargers, high-pressure wastegate actuators, a revised intake, Niagra-spec fuel injectors and two massive intercoolers that could knock a steel furnace's output down to that of a kitchen match. Switzer claims its package is enough to slam output of the GT-R's VR38DETT 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 up from 485 horsepower stock (2010 model) to a full 800 hp. There are entire religions based around the worship of less power.

Of course there are more tweaks baked into this power plant including a Cobb Accessport AP005 flashing the ECU, HKS plumbing and a sump full of Motul 300V oil. The R's shop fabricated the exhaust system itself and built the cooling system to keep all the fluids' temperatures reasonable. Let's assume the engine is at about 850 hp and leave it at that.

The seven-speed rear transaxle has been left pretty much alone and, according to the guys at The R's, has already survived many hard launches. Good luck with that.

While Nissan's all-wheel-drive system is essentially intact, the pavement contact patches are now 290-millimeter Yokohama Advan A005 racing slicks at each corner. Those donuts are mounted on AdvanRacing GT 20-by-11-inch ETS wheels.

It's in keeping those tires square to the ground that The R's has done most of its work. R's fabricated its own camber adjusters and fitted JRZ RS Pro coil-over shock absorbers. The brakes are carbon-ceramic discs from Weapons Grade Performance clamped by CCM brake pads.

This is a car built for time attack and other track events. It may be shown on the street in Fast & Furious 6, but that's not reality. It's. A. Movie.

Body Beyond Belief
Get hit on the back of your head with a shovel, then smear some Vaseline on your eyeballs and squint really hard. If you do all that, maybe, just maybe, this car still looks like a stock GT-R. In fact, every body panel on this extravagantly styled ogre has been massaged or swapped.

Besides the BenSopra body kit that includes the dugout fenders and strakes, the doors have been replaced with Seibon Dry Carbon replicas. The door sills are carbon fiber and also come from Seibon. There are AMS Performance dry carbon roof and trunk panels and a giant BenSopra rear wing. This isn't borderline ridiculous; this is ridiculousness that blows up the borderline and then makes fun of convention.

Inside, the flamboyance is toned down in favor of a stark, businesslike seriousness. Forget things like door panels and carpeting; those have been replaced with felt and nylon door pulls. The R's built its own roll cage and then shoved aside the stock seats in favor of Sparco Circuit Racing seats, and the stock steering wheel is replaced by a Sparco piece. There are also plenty of exposed wires, serious-looking seatbelts and racy safety stuff.

If you weigh more than 200 pounds, it'll take you all day to climb through the roll cage only to find that your ass doesn't fit in this GT-R's seat. Literally.

In Fast & Furious 6 this 2010 Nissan GT-R's appearance isn't much more than a cameo. But cars that show up at the end of Fast & Furious movies often wind up being featured in the next one. So look for this car next July when the already announced seventh Fast & Furious film in the series opens in every theater on earth.

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